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and Greet

PT Doea Tiga Sinergi Indonesia is a bunker trader company. We provide refueling service for ships in maritime industry, domestic and/or international shipping company, and fisheries industry operating in Indonesian Exclusive Zone.

and Production Speed

Production speed is a demand as well as guidance in business. Fuel is like wind boosting the boat sail of production. You want friendly wind. We assure the wind is there for you.

Fuel stock and remote area are pushbacks. You want a moving beacon surfing the waves and carrying a solution. Production speed is maintained and your quality business service is under control.

Product and Fleet

Keep you sailing further

These are the types of fuel we provide:

  • High Speed Diesel (HSD)
  • Marine Fuel Oil (MFO)
  • Marine Diesel Fuel (MDF)

We'll Meet You Right There

Our tankers carrying your fuel were built with double haul and double bottom system, with volume capacity of 500 KLs. To ensure the speed of refueling, we could transfer the fuel 100 tons/hour. The storage hull was constructed with stainless steel.

Work Character

Speed for timely-use is like water for ocean. We race the process of loading the fuel from the depot to your ship.

We are committed to provide a 24-hour nonstop service. Product quality, supply volume and timeliness are our spirits.



The miss in supply amount is due to huge sea water floating and inaccurate calibration as the loading machine works restlessly.

The accuracy of tanker volume sounding is crucial. We run the sounding process thoroughly and carefully both before and after refueling.

Ocean is a different world. Sea communication differs from that of land.

The smooth of supplying depends on effective and well-planned communication before execution. We care so much about the details client necessarily knows that operational officer could work the best.

Far away and besieged by blue water, time flies in the land yet crawls in the sea.

We create a familial and cheerful mood by providing snacks and soft drinks, breaking the ice of boredom. Harmonic relation between our operational team and your crew would lighten the work. In the ocean, all humans are one family.



23 Sinergi Indonesia exists for your convenience.
Our work attitude setting to satisfy clients
means that we have any resource to meet
your desired wit, speed, and product quality.

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